[JDEV] Message timestamps.

Daniel Arbuckle djarb at wvc-omak.ctc.edu
Fri Oct 8 17:34:40 CDT 1999

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Thomas Charron wrote:
> Quoting Scott Robinson <quad at jabber.org>:
> > Let me up the ante, once again.
> > http://docs.jabber.org/documents/developers/proposals/
>   Scott, are you going to be annoyed if someone submits a competing proposal on 
> you?  I like the direction, but I feel it's entirely to transport based, and 
> rather verbose.  I'd picture a more generic timestamp tag, such as 'Timestamp' 
> that ANYONE could put on the tag.  Not really routing information..

It seems to me that Scott is correct in placing the timestamp in the
routing information. Like the address of the server, the time is one of
the axes of the space through which the message moves. The route is
defined by the coordinates in all axes.


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