[JDEV] Message timestamps.

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Oct 8 18:14:32 CDT 1999

Quoting Daniel Arbuckle <djarb at wvc-omak.ctc.edu>:
> It seems to me that Scott is correct in placing the timestamp in the
> routing information. Like the address of the server, the time is one of
> the axes of the space through which the message moves. The route is
> defined by the coordinates in all axes.

  Yes, but in order to properly implement this, we're now going to force etherx 
to start parsing XML out of the messages, which it should NOT be doing.  You 
see, to the TRANSPORTS, the message went out into etherx land, and eventually 
reached it's destination.  The entire message packet itself is encapsulated 
inside of a CDATA segment, and etherx never sees it.  It may indeed go thru 
many, MANY things.  We need to find a way to add this tag type to both the 
Jabber protocol, as well as the XML Stream definition.

  The transports will then need to ADD the routing data of the Stream to that 
of the message.  Hypothetically, an intelligent etherx router may actually send 
more then one message within a XML data stream.  It's just not as simple as 
adding a tag like this when we're talking about three tiers of communication, 
each encapsulated on eachother.  I'm not saying that the proposal won't work, 
I'm just thinking about different ways to do it..

Thomas Charron
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