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Fri Oct 8 17:56:28 CDT 1999

Interleaved response.


* Thomas Charron translated into ASCII [Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 06:14:32PM -0500][<199910082314.SAA18561 at ductape.net>]
> Quoting Daniel Arbuckle <djarb at wvc-omak.ctc.edu>:
> > It seems to me that Scott is correct in placing the timestamp in the
> > routing information. Like the address of the server, the time is one of
> > the axes of the space through which the message moves. The route is
> > defined by the coordinates in all axes.
>   Yes, but in order to properly implement this, we're now going to force etherx 
> to start parsing XML out of the messages, which it should NOT be doing.  You 


> see, to the TRANSPORTS, the message went out into etherx land, and eventually 
> reached it's destination.  The entire message packet itself is encapsulated 
> inside of a CDATA segment, and etherx never sees it.  It may indeed go thru 
> many, MANY things.  We need to find a way to add this tag type to both the 
> Jabber protocol, as well as the XML Stream definition.

Ahh! I implement it transport level with the knowledge that etherx (or
whatever router we may be going through) may go through multiple servers!
However, since Jabber is a transport level protocol, the tunnels between
transports are ignored.

etherx remains the same.

>   The transports will then need to ADD the routing data of the Stream to that 
> of the message.  Hypothetically, an intelligent etherx router may actually send 
> more then one message within a XML data stream.  It's just not as simple as 

Only concerned about transport level, not router. I tried to make the
language specific. Should I edit to make it more strong?

> adding a tag like this when we're talking about three tiers of communication, 
> each encapsulated on eachother.  I'm not saying that the proposal won't work, 
> I'm just thinking about different ways to do it..
> --- 
> Thomas Charron
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