[JDEV] Message timestamping - hybrid format

Steven Wagner steven at impulse.net
Sat Oct 9 18:23:08 CDT 1999

I think the client should be able to calculate the date of a message for display to the
user without having to connect to the server to resolve various things.  Even with a
working model of it, it would seem silly to add all this complexity just so that the xml
send and recv stamps are a few characters shorter in your version.

Zoom Juice wrote:

> > The other way the application doesn't have to know the calendar because
> > it is specified already.
> That is only if the client will not be asked to do any client-side processing
> on the timestamp.  So that clients don't have to know the calendar, we can add
> a message that asks the server to resolve the current date to yy:mm:dd format -
> that way we can reasonably expect the job to be done write.  This inquiry
> would typically be sent only once per client start up, although a lazy client
> could send it every time it wants to display a date.  It seems to me that,
> regardless of how the time stamp format ends up, having an inquiry to
> get the current date from the server (relative to GMT of course) is a
> good idea.
> To help focus your thoughts on this, just one word: "leapyear".
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