[JDEV] Message timestamping - hybrid format

Zoom Juice zoomjuice at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 04:40:42 CDT 1999

--- Scott Robinson <quad at jabber.org> wrote:
> I'd like to drop the suble comment that a proposal has been made.
> I'd also like to note that most of the Jabber team would prefer a "standard"
> system of dating. ;)

I agree julian date is the way to go... in terms of being a standard, you
just can't beat it.  I'd suggest the whole timestamp look like this:


Where : items on the right are optional (effectively zero if not present) and
<hour> uses a 24 hour clock.  Leading zeroes would be insignificant, in other
words, :6: is the same as :06:

For example, right now it's 2451461:7:45


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