[JDEV] Route tag spec proposal..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Oct 11 14:07:34 CDT 1999

Quoting Colin Davis <davisfamily at mediaone.net>:
> If timezone information is not sent, the client defaults to the last
> timezone information it had recieved from that person (ie, in a previous
> message)

  Err, the timezone data is regarding the node entity that made the entry.  
This is mostly just transports.  They couldn't follow this rule, really.

>   <node id="jabber:jabbertransport://jabber.org/"
> received="19991004T23:35:54"
>  sent="19991005T06:35:55" timeoffset="-0700" timezone = "PDT">
> [Then in the next message: ]
>    <node id="jabber:jabbertransport://jabber.org/"
> received="19991004T23:35:58"
>  sent="19991005T06:35:59">
> For every message in the middle, you have saved a little bandwith. If a
> still chooses to send information in every message, the recieving
> clients would accept it, as per your proposal.
> Agreed? 

  Again, only pratical in the sence of the CLIENT, not in the inbetween nodes..

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