[JDEV] Route tag spec proposal..

Jon A. Cruz joncruz at geocities.com
Mon Oct 11 13:51:00 CDT 1999

David Waite wrote:

> I think this works well. timezone is optional but includes an offset if it
> is there. The only thing people
> really care about anyways is that they know the other person's local time..
> I was thinking after all this debate, we are going to have client software
> that shows the date prominently,
> perhaps even larger than the actual text message ;-)


But seriously, it would be like good government: invisible when it works. If
it's broken, then it might be glaringly obvious.

For example, when I send mail from my AOL account, it is very annoying to see
it time-stamped for Virgina, even though I am sending it from California.
Throws things all off.

Also, even IRC has the CTCP Time command to get the local time of a person in
an IRC room. For international discussions, I find that quite handy.

"My new computer's got the clocks, it rocks
But it was obsolete before I opened the box" - W.A.Y.

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