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Waleed Abdulla WaleedKA at emirates.net.ae
Mon Oct 11 14:56:35 CDT 1999

In fact I think things are getting out of hand. Maybe I'm missing something
here!! Hope, someone can clarify it to me.    DO WE REALLY NEED THE ROUTE?

     I mean, all these tags and attributes added with each message will only
make things complex for the servers. I know route info is useful in many
cases, but it shouldn't be sent with each message. It should only be sent in
a special type of message used to analyze the route (this is how it's done
in IP).

     Also, I don't see how the route info can prevent spam. You can't filter
all messages coming through route X just because someone using that route is
sending spam.

    I vote for simplicity: The sender's client stamps the message and that's

    Did I say something wrong? :)


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From: Thomas Charron <tcharron at ductape.net>

>  There is one more thing that we need to add here.  In order to get the
>data of when the 'client' applicaiton sent, we'll need one of two things:
>  The only way to get the CLIENTS timezone, and not that of the 'upstream
>transport' will be if the client adds a node entry to the route tag.
>  Either that, or the first transport to recieve the message fills in the
>timezone for the client from preferences, and that can be used to get it.
>  Actually, thinking about it, the routing is one thing, but getting the
>users timezone would almost turn into an Info/Query solution, where the end
>client would request the timezone data.
>  I think people are confusing several things here.  routing is only to
>timestamp messages as they go thru the system, not to resolve the timezone
>the client..  We can tag it at the start, but the only reliable way would
be to
>have it in one of the I/Q tables..
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