[JDEV] Route tag spec proposal..

Scott Robinson quad at jabber.org
Mon Oct 11 18:16:14 CDT 1999

Ok, leave it to me to put another joint in the wheels, but why are we
transmitting timezone information?

Also, while you don't want the id in the <action/> can we make a compromise
and have it optional? Additional information is always nice.


* Thomas Charron translated into ASCII [Mon, Oct 11, 1999 at 12:25:46PM -0500][<199910111725.MAA09337 at ductape.net>]
> <route>
>   <node id="jabber:pagertransport://pager.mot.com/" 
> received="19991005T01:35:52" sent="19991005T01:35:54" timezone="EST">
>     <action type="received" time="19991005T01:35:52">
>       Recieved from Page 654-9876
>     </action>
>     <action type="sent" time="19991005T01:35:54">
>       Sent to destination address, jabber.org
>     </action>
>   </node>
>   <node id="jabber:jabbertransport://jabber.org/" received="19991004T23:35:54" 
> sent="19991005T06:35:55" timezone = "CST">
>     <action type="received" time="19991004T23:35:54">
>       Recieved from pager.mot.com
>     </action>
>     <action type="archived" time="19991004T23:35:54">
>       User Not available, archiving for later delivery
>     </action>
>     <action type="sent" time="19991005T06:35:55">
>       User Online Announced, sending.
>     </action>
>   </node>
> </route>
> --- 
> Thomas Charron
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