[JDEV] Compiling jabber (server and client), and tips to start...

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Oct 12 02:27:08 CDT 1999

> I am trying to get jabber working, both as client and server. I have
> investigated the java and windows teams (and not found much, is there a way
> to run a jabber client on a windows machine currently?), and the main cvs.

If you want up and running stuff, you'll want to focus on the 0.6 era.
The server and a snapshot are available at download.jabber.org, and
working clients are cabbar and zabbar, as well as the bundled simple test
command line client.

> my first question is, how do I compile the code in cvs? The only thing that
> compiled for me was cabbar. Most of the configure scripts complained about
> there not being an include directory.

The stuff in CVS right now is 0.7 era, and not ready to be compiled/tested
just yet (although it's getting real close now).  If you really want to be
on the bleeding edge though, join the right team/dev-list and look for
traffic there: lib.jabber.org, etherx.jabber.org, and server.jabber.org.

> second, cabbar compiled and I was able to use my username and password as a
> developer to log in.. I think. Since I don't know any other developers, I
> don't quite know :) I am curious if there is any way to test this, if
> working groups like perhaps the java group usually subscribed to one another
> to converse about changes, etc. Also, I was wondering if I would need to get
> someone to subscribe as a developer if they just wanted to mess around (not
> really code, just be able to log in). Can you add people on other jabber
> servers to your list just by doing user at whatever.server.com ?

Yes, you can setup your own server and accounts at yourserver.com, but there
isn't any easy way to add additional test accounts to the 0.6 server
@jabber.org.  In 0.7 there will be a simple way to register and create new
accounts on the servers that support it.


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