[JDEV] Resolution of Licence issues..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Oct 12 09:44:31 CDT 1999

Quoting Oliver Jones <oj at world.std.com>:

> At 02:10 AM 10/12/99 -0500, Jeremie wrote:
> It seems to me that your objective is to make the protocol itself
> completely open to use by anyone for anything.  I don't think you should
> leave this to chance, as would happen if you simply omitted any discussion
> of a license.

  Pretty much, and you've got a damned good point..

> I suggest using a similar copyright notice / permission grant to the one
> the X Window System Consortium used, so that your intent is clear, and
> remains clear.

  Problem.  The X Consortium is an official entity that is legally recognized.  
The 'Jabber Team' is not.

> Copyright (c) 2000 The Jabber Team
> 4. Except as contained in this notice, the name of the Jabber Team shall
> not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or any
> other dealings in this Specification without prior written authorization
> from the Jabber Team.

  Again, 'The Jabber Team' is not an official entity, really.  This is why 
Apache, KDE, etc..etc.. all have psuedo companies that are used for these kind 
of things..

Thomas Charron
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