[JDEV] Anonymous Logins, etc..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Oct 12 11:42:55 CDT 1999

  Ok, guys and gals, I've got a good quesiton for everyone..

  How are anonymous logins addressed?  Does the server dynamically generate a 
random ID for them?  Here's the reason why I'm asking this..

  Desktop applciations that are 'Jabberisized', such as a news ticker, etc, 
shouldn't have to login to the server to request data.  They should be able to 
connect, send a request, get a response, and close.  I'm thinking in terms of 
things such as Corel's 'intergration' of Jabber into their desktop.  Applets, 
etc, would be nice if they could use anonymous connections.  I'd be nice to 
actually have one JabberBroker or something that runs, and uses one connection 
to serve multiple applications, aka, a MultiClient, but I need to know about 
anonymous connections first.

Thomas Charron
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