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Tue Oct 12 13:00:42 CDT 1999

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> Quoting Oliver Jones <oj at world.std.com>:
> > I suggest using a similar copyright notice / permission grant to the one
> > the X Window System Consortium used, so that your intent is clear, and
> > remains clear.
>   Problem.  The X Consortium is an official entity that is
> legally recognized.
> The 'Jabber Team' is not.

	I don't know what you might mean by 'legally recognized'. People are
legally recognized. So are dogs and houses. Estates, trusts, corporations,
commonwealths, states, and verbal agreements all exist arguably without
having a physical body at all. They are dealt with and recognized by law and
judicial process. Even totally illegal organizations - organized crime,
criminal gangs, drug cartels, and the like - are legally recognized as
independant entities.

	However, all of this argument is totally moot. Lawyers exist (I have
personally known lawyers to exist) to create legalese documents such as
software licenses. The GPL, LGPL, ML, etc. so often referred to in these
debates were all drafted with considerable lawyerly attention to possible

	I suggest the Webb or Corel people put their money where their mouthes are
and donate some general counsel time to the Jabber cause, to the extent that
Jabber contributors have questions about the destiny of the fruits of their
works, and if this is even neccessary.

(personally known to exist; cogito ergo sum; etc.)

> > Copyright (c) 2000 The Jabber Team
> > 4. Except as contained in this notice, the name of the Jabber Team shall
> > not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or any
> > other dealings in this Specification without prior written authorization
> > from the Jabber Team.
>   Again, 'The Jabber Team' is not an official entity, really.
> This is why
> Apache, KDE, etc..etc.. all have psuedo companies that are used
> for these kind
> of things..
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