[JDEV] Resolution of Licence issues..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Oct 12 13:45:51 CDT 1999

Quoting Patrick McCuller <patrick at kia.net>:
> >   Problem.  The X Consortium is an official entity that is
> > legally recognized.
> > The 'Jabber Team' is not.
> 	I don't know what you might mean by 'legally recognized'. People are
> legally recognized. So are dogs and houses. Estates, trusts, corporations,
> commonwealths, states, and verbal agreements all exist arguably without
> having a physical body at all. They are dealt with and recognized by law
> and
> judicial process.

  Your dog cannot enter into a legally binding contract.  Neither can a group 
of people.  My friends and I cannot sigh a contract as 'Friends of TCharron'.  
Jabber.org really REALLY is a 'club'.  Just like I can't sue the 'Jabber 
Team'.  Good rule of thumb.  If you can sue them, they're recognized.

> Even totally illegal organizations - organized crime,
> criminal gangs, drug cartels, and the like - are legally recognized as
> independant entities.

  Hrm..  So why not just sue a mob for breach of contract?  Becouse you can't 
simply throw peoples names down.

> 	However, all of this argument is totally moot. Lawyers exist (I have
> personally known lawyers to exist) to create legalese documents such as
> 	I suggest the Webb or Corel people put their money where their mouthes 
> and donate some general counsel time to the Jabber cause, to the extent
> that
> Jabber contributors have questions about the destiny of the fruits of their
> works, and if this is even neccessary.

  This would be nice.  A Jabber Foundation of some sort..

Thomas Charron
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