[JDEV] Incorporation Issues (was: Resolution of Licence issues..)

Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Tue Oct 12 14:34:44 CDT 1999

It shouldn't cost $300 to Incorporate.

In Michigan it's only $65

- Robert

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> Hey folks!
> I've had some experience with the details of incorporating and such since
> Dad is a CPA (certified public accountant).. I have personally researched
a lot of
> this before.
> The cheapest and easiest way for this to be temporarily resolved is if Jer
> down to his county courthouse and pays $10 to get a Doing Business As
> license. We can then move from there to incorporatating as a non-profit
entity. For
> a for-profit entity, it costs $300 to incorporate - I am not sure about
> non-profit ones. I can look that up if need be. It would be in our best
interest to do
> move in this direction.
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