[JDEV] Anonymous Logins, etc..

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Oct 12 16:58:42 CDT 1999

>   How are anonymous logins addressed?  Does the server dynamically generate a 
> random ID for them?  Here's the reason why I'm asking this..

Anonymous connections/clients/etc will represent a *significant* userbase,
especially for application driven usages and connecting to specialized
servers, so it's very important to make this part as easy and transparent
as possible.

I was thinking along the lines that all anonymous traffic would be a
resource without a user account, all you would have is the server and a
resource on that server.  Whenever anything is received without a userid,
it is anonymous.  I like this approach as it's easily identifiable, and
anonymous connections are just ones that never authorized to gain a
userid, and all anonymous resources on a server share one "zone".

Any connection to a server that allows anonymity would be able to
send/receive messages, public IQ, and any public presence information.


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