[JDEV] 0.7 release?

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Oct 12 17:27:07 CDT 1999

> Is there a time frame for the 0.7 release?

There isn't really a date or strict set of features yet, but that should
get settled this week.

I want to get it building and operational for rudimentary testing by this
weekend, I'll shoot for the 15th, and have a 0.7alpha tarball available
for anyone to play with.  From there, maybe another two weeks to clean it
up and make it "feature complete" and do a 0.7DR (developers release).
Then release shortly after when most of the bugs get squashed and many of
the clients are up to date for the 0.7 protocol changes :)

After the 0.7alpha I'll post a big "Call to Developers" to help out with
specific areas, sharpen up the code, and get some decent docs in order on
the new stuff.


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