[JDEV] Timestamp format (summary)

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Tue Oct 12 23:15:53 CDT 1999

--- Waleed Abdulla <WaleedKA at emirates.net.ae> wrote:
> I summarized all the previous discussions about the format of the timestamp.
> I hope this will help everyone get a better idea.
> Three formats were mentioned (ISO, RFC, and time_t). Below are the
> properties of each of them:
> 1. ISO 8601  = yyyymmddThh:mm:ss
> 2. RFC 822 = DD MMM YYYY hh:mm:ss zone
> 3. time_t (Number of seconds since 1970)

Erm, wait a sec, wasn't there another format being discussed?

 4. Hybrid = <julianday>:hh:mm:ss

And there's another obvious one that didn't get discussed:

 5. Stardate = <julianday>.<dayfraction>

After thinking about it a couple of days, the one I personally think is the
coolest is stardate.  Gene Roddenberry, any comment? ;)

Right now: It's stardate 2451464.6655; No Klingons in this sector.

Another term for this is "exact julian day".  This is much more of a standard 
than any of the others, I just called it stardate because... why not??

For **lots** more info on this topic:


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