[JDEV] Connectivity and streaming.

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Wed Oct 13 11:34:56 CDT 1999

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Thomas Charron wrote:
> Quoting Scott Robinson <quad at jabber.org>:
> > <disclaimer>
> > This post is being originated from the fact that there are many able coders
> > on this list, but none can become involved because Jer leaves many details
> > for later. The coding architecture of Jabber is still very centralized. The
> > recent message-level routing discussion has given me much faith in The
> > Jabber Team, and I believe that we can work from what we currently have
> > into
> > developing a full v0.7 protocol spec.
> > </disclaimer>
>   I agree, in part.  Anyone is welcome to join libs-dev and start chatting, but 
> I have seen '0' traffic on that list..  Nadda, zlich, zip.  I guess I don't 
> understand your complaint here?  It it that you think Jer is idea hording?

same here, although on the java and win32-dev lists. Is there work going
on? I am getting ready to take over the java project, since there is
apparently no one else on it ;-)

-David Waite

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