[JDEV] New Open Source IM system in development

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Oct 13 17:35:40 CDT 1999

> Hi.  Just want to mention that I, and a couple other programmers
> have started development on a new instant messaging server/client
> system.  The software and specifications are just now being
> developed, so NOW is the time to get in ideas and opinions regarding
> the protocol and overall architecture of the system.

Very cool, and there's lots of room in this "market" so welcome!

> I'm not trying to pull anyone off the Jabber development team.  I
> just want to get some input and maybe some guidance from some of
> you.

Well, hmm... after looking at what you have online for it already, the
only glaring difference that I can see between your effort and Jabber is
that you are using a binary based protocol and use a master-server
approach. What other important differences are there?  There could easily
be some shared effort/code here if many of the components are similiar :-)


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