[JDEV] Music to code by (slightly off topic)

Allen Short washort at iceman.jeremie.com
Wed Oct 13 23:50:45 CDT 1999

>>>>> "temas" == temas  <temas at box5.net> writes:

    > Hey, it's me temas, one of those dudes that lurks on this list,
    > but actually does some coding.  Inspired by the mozillazine
    > dudes, and talking with jer and other jabber developers
    > (#jabber, open projects network, come see us, we get lonely) I'm
    > curious as to what our team listens to whilst developing.  I
    > would like to collect a list and then post it later.  So all you
    > wonderful developers drop me and email with your picks and I'll
    > post a follow up in a short while.  --Thomas "temas" 

Good techno, when I can get it.... otherwise, Pink Floyd/Led
Zeppelin with some Beatles, Aerosmith, and other 70s/80s artists. :)

[currently playing: Rush - Tom Sawyer (DJ Z-Trip Remix)]

Allen Short, CS Geek
toys: Oz/Mercury/Perl/Jabber/XEmacs/Linux/ObjC/Smalltalk/Haskell/
You are in a maze of twisty little  passages, all alike.

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