[JDEV] Music to code by (slightly off topic)

Paul L. McNeely drderail at i.am
Wed Oct 13 23:44:23 CDT 1999

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
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Subject: [JDEV] Music to code by (slightly off topic)

Hey, it's me temas, one of those dudes that lurks on this list, but actually
does some coding.  Inspired by the mozillazine dudes, and talking with jer
and other jabber developers (#jabber, open projects network, come see us, we
get lonely) I'm curious as to what our team listens to whilst developing.  I
would like to collect a list and then post it later.  So all you wonderful
developers drop me and email with your picks and I'll post a follow up in a
short while.

--Thomas "temas" Muldowney

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