[JDEV] Music to code by (slightly off topic)

Eliot Landrum eliot at landrum.cx
Thu Oct 14 04:21:52 CDT 1999

Haha.. good to see a post by our #jabber friend..

Not sure if I count since I actually haven't "coded" anything besides
documents.. But I thought I'd throw my favorites up.. 

Dave Matthews Band
Collective Soul
Primitive Radio Gods (only have one of theirs songs, but I like it ;) )
Smashing Pumpkins

Couldn't narrow it down any further than that.... :)

This is a great idea! It will be interesting to see what everyone likes..

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, temas at box5.net wrote:
> Hey, it's me temas, one of those dudes that lurks on this list, but actually
does some coding.  Inspired by the mozillazine dudes, and talking with jer and
other jabber developers (#jabber, open projects network, come see us, we get
lonely) I'm curious as to what our team listens to whilst developing.  I would like
to collect a list and then post it later.  So all you wonderful developers drop
me and email with your picks and I'll post a follow up in a short while.
> --Thomas "temas" Muldowney

Eliot Landrum
eliot at landrum.cx

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