[JDEV] Music to code by (slightly off topic) (fwd)

Kemal 'disq' Hadimli disq at iname.com
Thu Oct 14 09:51:31 CDT 1999

hmm. these are the albums i usually listen whilst writing code.

the cure - wish
violent femmes - new times
violent femmes - add it up
jethro tull - a passion play
jethro tull - nightcap
jethro tull - too old to rock & roll: too young to die
mr. bungle - mr. bungle
mr. bungle - disco volante

and some bands:
nick cave and the bad seeds

> Hey, it's me temas, one of those dudes that lurks on this list, but actually
> does some coding.  Inspired by the mozillazine dudes, and talking with jer
> and other jabber developers (#jabber, open projects network, come see us, we
> get lonely) I'm curious as to what our team listens to whilst developing.  I
> would like to collect a list and then post it later.  So all you wonderful
> developers drop me and email with your picks and I'll post a follow up in a
> short while.
> --Thomas "temas" Muldowney

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