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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Oct 14 12:11:36 CDT 1999

  On the Perl-dev list, I've started a conversation regarding XML-RPC to 
basically HTTP enable XML transactions for Jabber to be able to traverse HTTP 
firewalls, etc..  More information can be found at:


Perl modules for an XML-RPC server AND client



XML-RPC for Newbies

  I plan on, perhaps with the help of Ryan, implementing an RPC server based on 
the Net::Jabber modules, as Ryan and I are BOTH beind a firewall, so this would 
make it so we could access Jabber thru it.  This would also perhaps be of use 
for a mod_http module for the base Jabber Transport.

Thomas Charron
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