Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Thu Oct 14 12:03:49 CDT 1999

>   I plan on, perhaps with the help of Ryan, implementing an RPC server based on 
> the Net::Jabber modules, as Ryan and I are BOTH beind a firewall, so this would 
> make it so we could access Jabber thru it.  This would also perhaps be of use 
> for a mod_http module for the base Jabber Transport.

I've followed the XML-RPC development since it started, and it's always
been one of the things I wanted to integrate support for in Jabber.

One of the ways I see it working into the picture would be to take the
<message/>, <presence/>, and <iq/> packets and define an XML-RPC format
for them as well as the native Jabber XML format.  Then, add in a bridge
that converts back and forth to the server so that it is accessbile via

What we *really* need is a mod_jabber for apache, so that apache can
handle all of the needed HTTP functionality and mod_jabber would connect
to a jabber server and convert the fragements back and forth.  This would
be useful not only for XML-RPC, but for HTML based clients, dynamic
pages showing a user's status, showing page visitors live in a jabber
client, querying administrative apache variables, php integration, file
transfers, and on and on...

After I get 0.7pre1 out of the way here I'll create an http team for all
of this fun stuff :)


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