[JDEV] Status offline on </jabber>

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Oct 14 12:45:20 CDT 1999

Quoting Jeremie <jeremie at jabber.org>:

> > One-shot would allow the server to just authenticate and send a
> > message.  Session would allow the user to connect, announce their
> > presence, get messages, send messages, get some more, send some more,
> > announce departure and close the conenction.
> That's pretty much how it currently works (or should work at least), but
> you don't need to identify the type of connection.  If you don't want to
> create/announce a "session" on that connection, don't send any status
> information over it :)  This will be cleaned up and make a bit more sense
> in 0.7, where you explicitly need to create a session resource.

  Yes, but there is another problem with the 'one shot connection' as it can 
currently work.  It's still going to attempt to send stored offline messages, 
and in a one shot send, I DON'T want them..  ;-P

Thomas Charron
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