[JDEV] Status offline on </jabber>

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Thu Oct 14 12:33:35 CDT 1999

>   True, was merely pandering to thinkings..  *(SLAP)*  Ok, brian got the 
> message.  Your right, this wouldn't give us anything.  Now, how can I login and 
> tell the server NOT to send me any offline stored messages.  Or heck, messages 
> sent while I'm online at all, even if marked offline?

It's really up to the logic in the module handling your offline messages,
but the "proper" implementation should not send them until you flag that
session as "online" with a presence packet.

So, if you just connect, nothing will see that you're online (until you
say so) and you won't receive any messages back unless they were sent to
your nickname for that connection specifically (although this model will
change slightly for 0.7).


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