Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Oct 14 15:03:37 CDT 1999

Quoting Ryan Eatmon <reatmon at ti.com>:
> >   After much playing, I can say one thing..  XML-RPC FRIGGEN ROCKS!!
> It looks that way, I've been reading some of the discussion messages and
> there has been talk of how to embed valid XML into the XML-RPC format. 
> We might be able to hen turn the XML-RPC into a wrapper for our Jabber
> XML without much work.

  Yea..  We could have a client proxy that could basically listen for 
connection via HTTP connections, transfering RPC calls.  Here's a quickie of 
what it's be like:


  This would return the URL of a newly spawned off ClientProxy listening for 
RPM data on a given port.  Then, create a new RPC::Client based off of it, 
called $connection.


  On the server side, this would call the Connect method on the new 
ClientProxy, which would pretty much look examply like Net::Jabber::Client.  It 
would return true or false, depending on if it was successful.

    { username => "tcharron",
      password => "password",
      nick     => "nick"});

  Again, this would call login, and attempt to login.  Messages could be stored 
in a hash of incoming messages, that could be picked up by calling something 


  This could actually return an array of Net::Jabber::Message OBJECTS!

  This could SO rock!  And it makes database transports really, REALLY friggen 
easy!  Something like a stockticker transport could:

  $connection->call("GetStockSpecs", {
                    "Name" => "RHAT"});

  Sorry, I'm spewing code forth on jdev..  This could truely turn everything 
upside down..
Thomas Charron
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