[JDEV] 0.6 fix for server<=>server communication

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Oct 14 23:41:41 CDT 1999

  This was bugging me for a long time, and it just jumped out at me as I 
casually went to look for it.  IF you have the Official 0.6 jabber download, in 
the etherx directory, look at the file transport.c.

  If you change line 163, in the function resolve(char *name) from:

t = lookup_gettransport(inet_ntoa(*addr));


t = transport_connect(name);

  Your server will now be able to resolve external servers, aka, jabber.org and 
aspect.net can now communicate to eachother.  You would then be able to, in my 
case, as tcharron at aspect.net, add tcharron at jabber.org to my roster, and message 
them as I should be able to do, along with getting/sending status information.

  Bear in mind, with this fix, you will be able to message them, but they will 
NOT be able to message you back unless the other server also has this fix.  It 
must have been a simple oversight before release that this happened.  
Basically, the servers would never 'connect' to eachother after attempting to 

Thomas Charron
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