[JDEV] server <=> server question

Chris behmc at alleg.edu
Tue Oct 19 16:18:42 CDT 1999

Now that servers can talk to each other (after being suitably
repaired) I got to messing around with sending messages between
private servers for testing.

Here's the part I don't get. Two different machines on physically
separate networks (two different schools actually). Clients can
connect to either on just fine given their address. However, when
sending messages to the one server (and only that one) I get a
Name Resolution Error. Now clients can connect to the server just
fine, but when messages are sent from any server to it, that
error shows up.

Is there any reason (other than the resolution really failing)
that I'd be getting this?

I'd like to note that I haven't looked into the code yet, I've
been a wee bit busy lately.



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