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Scott Robinson quad at jabber.org
Tue Oct 19 19:09:49 CDT 1999

a) did you install the patch on both jabbertransports?
b) are you certain the sending machine can resolve the other server?

A quick test of B would be to login to the account hosting the sending
jabbertransport and type "ping <domain name of unresolvable server" and see
if it can actually resolve it. Just because a client can resolve and contact
a server doesn't mean the transport can.


* Chris translated into ASCII [Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 05:18:42PM -0400][<199910192120.RAA05679 at pellns.alleg.edu>]
> Now that servers can talk to each other (after being suitably
> repaired) I got to messing around with sending messages between
> private servers for testing.
> Here's the part I don't get. Two different machines on physically
> separate networks (two different schools actually). Clients can
> connect to either on just fine given their address. However, when
> sending messages to the one server (and only that one) I get a
> Name Resolution Error. Now clients can connect to the server just
> fine, but when messages are sent from any server to it, that
> error shows up.
> Is there any reason (other than the resolution really failing)
> that I'd be getting this?
> I'd like to note that I haven't looked into the code yet, I've
> been a wee bit busy lately.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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