[JDEV] 0.6 in the etherx and jabber-transport CVSs

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Oct 19 20:41:27 CDT 1999

> While I'm sure we love having the reference code available, with the release
> of pre1 the old 0.6 servers should NOT be within the etherx and
> jabber-transport CVS modules. It's not only a waste of bandwidth, but it's
> misplaced.

They are simply there for reference, something to look back at as the 0.7
base grows to reach the same level of functionality.  I was going to
remove them before pre1, but quite a bit of the work for pre2 might be
aided by looking back at the 0.6 codebase.

Don't worry though, it will dissappear over the next few days :)  Future
major versions will use standard CVS tagging/branching.


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