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Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Fri Oct 22 14:28:24 CDT 1999

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I have an idea for this...but I don't know if it's Voice over IP.

I've implemented an Encoder DLL to quickly encode mp3 files.

If someone has WAV recording code that can capture "packets" of complete wav
data, it can be fed to others and then decoded.

Let's talk about this because I think it's great if we can deliver point to
point binary data, and even perhaps stream MP3 data.  I know some have said
MP3 is too much for voice chat and Roger Wilco uses a different scheme but I
think we should talk this.

This could really put Jabber over the top (as if XML wasn't enough...and it

- Robert

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> Are there any plans to implament a Voice Chat system in Jabber? Yahoo has
> just developed one.
> Josh
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