[JDEV] Voice Chat

Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Tue Oct 26 16:50:00 CDT 1999

So where do we go from here?

Anybody have access to or experience with Audio Codecs?

We could do a half-duplex approach where the audio is sent as MP3 once the
user clicks "Done Recording".

I'm still waiting on the Win32 Jabber DLL Jer -- will it support some kind
of direct binary sending capability?

- Robert

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> > What about speakfreely integration? Itsd free and open source, perhaps
> > arrangement with the author to combine forces? www.speakfreely.org
> Very cool, neat story behind it as well.  There is definately some
> possibilites to get Jabber integration into their V8 development if they
> are interested.
> > I still think the issue here is a streaming binary interface -- binary
> > packet delivery with buffering -- all we need is a good codec!
> Yes absolutely, and I've always expected this to happen out of band of the
> XML Stream but possibly still assisted by the server when needed.  So for
> a voice chat, Jabber might carry the negotiation to setup the link between
> the applications, but the voice stream would happen in a direct connection
> between the apps.
> Jer
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