[JDEV] Voice Chat

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Oct 26 19:26:36 CDT 1999

> The half-duplex delayed method (ie voice messaging) is the easiest way -
> we don't have to worry about realtime encoding or network latency. I am
> unsure if people would prefer for audio to be sent to the jabber server
> for a full duplex solution, or if it should be a secondary connection (in
> which case it would be practically a separate program called from Jabber)

For a voice application, or most any high bandwidth binary application, it
is definately best suited externally to Jabber where Jabber just serves as
the mediator to get the two points connected.

> I don't know if an audio signal sent between two clients and two servers
> would just have way too much latency on today's internet.

Not just latency for voice, but it wouldn't be feasable to encode the
voice information into XML packets and decode them on the other side :)


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