Kerem 'Waster_' HADIMLI waster at iname.com
Sun Oct 31 14:20:49 CST 1999

Err... I received this message just afewminutes ago, and thought there may be
someone interested in participating on such-project.

Kerem 'Waster_' HADIMLI

catalyst at pfmc.net wrote (forwarded):
> Good Day,
> We are seeking a top programmer to code a proprietary
> internet messaging application to our specifications.
> This is a pedal-to-the-metal development project.
> If you feel you could take on such a project with strength,
> speed, and confidence...please reply with a brief description
> of your experience and qualifications.
> Thank you,
> Steve Becker
> Web Management Services Group

If it happens once, it's a bug.
If it happens twice, it's a feature.
If it happens more than twice, it's a design philosophy.

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