Tim Lesher timl at epix.net
Sun Oct 31 18:34:47 CST 1999

> So how should we take that -- that Jeremie is part of the "corporate
> computing world"?

Jeremie works for a company that develops IM software.

> All of us work for money and many of us have businesses -- does Jeremie
> intend to charge a fee or any kind of licensing to use Jabber?

I seriously doubt it!  But you don't know that this company does either.

> I'm just a bit wondering why you chose your words in your response...how
> you know that e-mail was from a recruiter?  I don't see any indication.

Hmm... that part looks like my mistake.  I got the same email that Waster
got, and on the same day I got a spam from a random web recruiter that was
offering a similar job.  I got the two mixed up.

Anyway, I was just commenting the rather rude and presumptuous tone of the
replies.  The company involved shouldn't have spammed the Jabber
developers--I won't stick up for them there, and I already said that I was
under the impression that it was a recruiter mail.

But I don't think we should assume evil intent before we know anything about
their system.  For all we know, the emailer could be one clueless Human
Resources individual at an otherwise-clueful company.

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