Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Sun Oct 31 19:01:35 CST 1999

> So how should we take that -- that Jeremie is part of the "corporate
> computing world"?

Heh, not quite :)

Webb hardly qualifies as a part of the "corporate computing world", they
are a small (newish) firm with a great team of Internet and open-source
knowledgeable people, nothing you would picture when you hear those words.

> All of us work for money and many of us have businesses -- does Jeremie
> intend to charge a fee or any kind of licensing to use Jabber?

Heck no!  Never, even if it was possible(which it's not because we're
using the GPL license), no. I firmly believe in and have always believed
in open-source software and the whole *point* of Jabber is a completely
unfettered open messaging architecture.  Jabber will always be open/free in
every way possible.

But, I *will* do everything in my power to encourage businesses to adopt
Jabber, use our software, build protocol support into their own products,
offer commercial services over it, etc.  Jabber has an enormous potential
to benefit the business/corporate computing world and I'll promote that
fact whenever possible.


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