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Interleaved response.


* Robert Thompson translated into ASCII [Sun, Oct 31, 1999 at 07:32:49PM -0500][<000701bf2400$a0ab3d00$65390a18 at roalok1.mi.home.com>]
> So how should we take that -- that Jeremie is part of the "corporate
> computing world"?

As it is said. Jeremie is currently employed by Webb to work full-time upon
Jabber. This is similar to Mozilla where Netscape has a number of their
programmers working full time upon the project.

> All of us work for money and many of us have businesses -- does Jeremie
> intend to charge a fee or any kind of licensing to use Jabber?

This is related to a thread discussed a couple weeks ago. Look in the
archives for more information.

In short, the answer is a big, fat, NO. Jabber, in whole, is released under
Open Source Guidelines. All independent software (clients, transports,
utilties, etc.) are released under the GPL. jlib and the jnix client library
are both released under the LGPL to prevent licensing/commerical software

> I'm just a bit wondering why you chose your words in your response...how do
> you know that e-mail was from a recruiter?  I don't see any indication.

I would guess it was from a recruiter because of the content and nicely
ofuscated e-mail headers, but that's just me. Either way, unless you're
living in a state that has outlawed spam mail, there isn't much one can do
about it except place them upon our kill list.

> Let me know because that would change my involvement totally.

I hope you don't leave the Jabber project. We're the same as we've always
been. We've just received a little spam. ;)

Personally, I'm complimented some company believes we're
influencial/important enough to draw developers from.

> - Robert
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