Benjamin Holzman bah at orientation.com
Sun Oct 31 20:05:11 CST 1999

Jeremie wrote:
> But, I *will* do everything in my power to encourage businesses to adopt
> Jabber, use our software, build protocol support into their own products,
> offer commercial services over it, etc.  Jabber has an enormous potential
> to benefit the business/corporate computing world and I'll promote that
> fact whenever possible.

As a data point, the fact that the way jabber is licensed allows
commercial clients to be built but without forcing the server and
protocol to be proprietary will, I think, be instrumental in its
success.  It's certainly given us the confidence to invest significantly
in building a jabber IM client.  In fact, I'm more or less designing our
software infrastructure around jabber; it's how all of our services will
talk to each other and to the user.


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