Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Sun Oct 31 20:25:05 CST 1999

> Heh, not quite :)
> Webb hardly qualifies as a part of the "corporate computing world", they
> are a small (newish) firm with a great team of Internet and open-source
> knowledgeable people, nothing you would picture when you hear those words.

That's all I needed to hear Jeremie -- thanks for giving us a little peace.
We all know how the Microsoft types operate and that's one reason we like
this effort and you.

- Robert

> > All of us work for money and many of us have businesses -- does Jeremie
> > intend to charge a fee or any kind of licensing to use Jabber?
> Heck no!  Never, even if it was possible(which it's not because we're
> using the GPL license), no. I firmly believe in and have always believed
> in open-source software and the whole *point* of Jabber is a completely
> unfettered open messaging architecture.  Jabber will always be open/free
> every way possible.
> But, I *will* do everything in my power to encourage businesses to adopt
> Jabber, use our software, build protocol support into their own products,
> offer commercial services over it, etc.  Jabber has an enormous potential
> to benefit the business/corporate computing world and I'll promote that
> fact whenever possible.
> Jer
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