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Sun Oct 31 20:28:41 CST 1999


So, with the exception of the guy who stuck up for the moron who sifted this
list, we can all agree that Jeremie and Webb are right on track with our
needs and all of us will continue to support this effort with glee!

A swift kick in the ass is all that Steve Becker (catalyst at needs
to realize that he should have just asked Jereme or Webb for permission to
post a job solicitation to this group instead of sifting the e-mails and
sneaking his way into each individual box.

- Robert

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> Jeremie wrote:
> >
> > But, I *will* do everything in my power to encourage businesses to adopt
> > Jabber, use our software, build protocol support into their own
> > offer commercial services over it, etc.  Jabber has an enormous
> > to benefit the business/corporate computing world and I'll promote that
> > fact whenever possible.
> As a data point, the fact that the way jabber is licensed allows
> commercial clients to be built but without forcing the server and
> protocol to be proprietary will, I think, be instrumental in its
> success.  It's certainly given us the confidence to invest significantly
> in building a jabber IM client.  In fact, I'm more or less designing our
> software infrastructure around jabber; it's how all of our services will
> talk to each other and to the user.
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