Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Sun Oct 31 21:02:50 CST 1999

Quoting Tim Lesher <timl at epix.net>:
> > So how should we take that -- that Jeremie is part of the "corporate
> > computing world"?
> Jeremie works for a company that develops IM software.
> > All of us work for money and many of us have businesses -- does Jeremie
> > intend to charge a fee or any kind of licensing to use Jabber?
> I seriously doubt it!  But you don't know that this company does either.

  I know this has probrably been addressed, but I'd like to point out that
charge for Jabber isn;t an issue, as the source is under the GPL, and unless
everyone who has source in the source tree agrees, it'll STAY that way.
Thomas Charron
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