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Kerem 'Waster_' HADIMLI waster at iname.com
Thu Apr 6 08:24:08 CDT 2000

First you should create an account on the server (zabber doesn't support this
yet), you can use other clients (Jabba, WinJab (Win32), or gabber
(Linux-XWindows)) to create an account. Then open the config.ini file, wrenter
your username, where it's written login (such as: login=myusername), enter
your password where it's written pass (such as pass=mysecretpassword), enter
the resource name you want to use (it's like nickname, u can connect multiple
times with different resource names) in resource part, enter your server
address in server part (it's jabber.org by default, but change it to where u
created your account), and leave the port part 5222.

BTW, currently TclTk client (zabber) isn't complete, and you won't be able to
send messages, etc. (just roster, presences and receive message stuff is

Kerem HADIMLI (author of zabber)

Colin Kong wrote:
> Yo bros & siss,
> Where can I sign up for a login and
> password.  I am using the tcl client and
> don't know what to put in the config.ini
> file.
> Have a nice day.
> Colin
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