[JDEV] Presence bug in Jabber 0.9

Keith Minkler keith at digix.net
Thu Apr 6 11:10:54 CDT 2000

you sure A didn't recv any thing once B logged in (er, once you set the
inital presence).. because, A should recv the notification in Step 3, but in
step 5, you really haven't changed your presence, perhaps that has something
to do with it?  otherwise, this example should work properly, assuming both
users have subscription='both'
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  Sorry, I have eaten the slashes, but actually I send them.
  Here they it is again:

  1. Let A and B have subscription of type both to each other
  2. Connect user A and send let's say
  3. Connect user B with the same presence.
  4. User B receives
      <presence from='A'>
          <x xmlns='jabber:x:delay' from='A' stamp='20000406T15:42:50'/>
  5. B tries to send:
  and here comes the problem: A doesn't receive anything.
  If A sends another presence to B, after that he is able to receive such
presences from B.

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