[JDEV] XML books and Using transports

David Scott dscott at corp.webb.net
Thu Apr 6 22:10:03 CDT 2000

I'm not sure about transport docs (yet), but I do know ICQ messages going to
Jabber clients works and you do showup as online on ICQ.  If you're a
Windows user WinJab or JabberIM works with ICQ this way.

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Two things.
First can anyone recommend a good intro book on XML? Prefereably from a
programmer's (rather than web designer?) point of view.

Second, are there docs about how to use the transports? For example, I have
an ICQ number, Can I have my ICQ messages go to my Jabber client? If I'm
online with Jabber will I show up as online on ICQ? Pointers to the xml
needed would be great.


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