[JDEV] Security

chandan sonaye chandans at mahindrabt.com
Fri Apr 7 08:47:18 CDT 2000

Hi all,
          I am working in an Internet based project. In this project, we
are building Instant Messaging client using Jabber
         server. We are having multiple instant messaging clients for
jabber server.These jabber clients are exchanging
         messages with each other.
         But currently there is no security feature included in our
jabber client. The messages are exchanged without
         considering any security feature.
         But since it is a Internet based project, we need to have
security feature involved in IM client.
         Does Jabber provide any security feature for this so that
messages sent from one jabber client to another jabber client
         will be secured? If yes, how we can include it? otherwise is
there any alternative you can suggest for including

         Through jabber server, we can connect to other Instant
Messaging Systems ( like yahoo, ICQ ) using transports.
         These other IM services are having their own security features.
How jabber handles their security features  as it
         doesn't know about  them?



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