[JDEV] Security

Keith Minkler keith at digix.net
Fri Apr 7 10:04:14 CDT 2000

Yes, Jabber clients can connect to the server with SSL and/or using digest
auth (to protect the password).
with SSL, anything sent to/from the jabber server will be encrypted.

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> Hi all,
>           I am working in an Internet based project. In this project, we
> are building Instant Messaging client using Jabber
>          server. We are having multiple instant messaging clients for
> jabber server.These jabber clients are exchanging
>          messages with each other.
>          But currently there is no security feature included in our
> jabber client. The messages are exchanged without
>          considering any security feature.
>          But since it is a Internet based project, we need to have
> security feature involved in IM client.
>          Does Jabber provide any security feature for this so that
> messages sent from one jabber client to another jabber client
>          will be secured? If yes, how we can include it? otherwise is
> there any alternative you can suggest for including
>          security?
>          Secondly,
>          Through jabber server, we can connect to other Instant
> Messaging Systems ( like yahoo, ICQ ) using transports.
>          These other IM services are having their own security features.
> How jabber handles their security features  as it
>          doesn't know about  them?
>          Thanking,
>          chandan.
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