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<snipped really cool kerberos stuff that I should be responding to instead>

>I have some version 0.9 pre release and finally managed to build it
>(does anyone but me ever try to build this software on anything but
>Linux?), but have not yet looked at re-integrating the Kerberos code.
>	Donn Cave, donn at

There is some build testing on other platforms, but unfortunately there are
a lot more unixes out there than core developers who have access to them.
Personally I only have access to Linux (Redhat 6.1 soon to be 6.2), and
except for possibly one BSD person I think most of the other core developers
are also linux-limited.

I believe Jer telnets into some Solaris machines to test that it builds and
works there before releasing a new final version (i.e. 0.9), but I'm not
exactly sure.

If someone would want to make sure their platform worked, the ideal thing
would be to drop an email *imediately* after things got into release
candidates, which is when build problems get worked out usually anyways. I
imagine this to change for the next release (1.0 ?) - with more platforms
being tested before a release is allowed. However, my function in this
project would probably be closer to 'mascot' than 'core developer' based on
actual lines of code committed, so I can't really speak for Jer or Temas or
anyone else.

Also - What type of platform do are you compiling for?

-David Waite

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